In 2009 Leyton Clarke was successfully inducted into the BRDC Rising Stars Scheme and was identified by the BRDC as "one of the very best drivers" of his generation. Below is the letter he received from the BRDC.

Dear Leyton
Ref: BRDC Rising Stars
I am delighted to be writing to you to invite you to join the BRDC Rising Star Scheme. The BRDC Rising Star Scouts met recently and felt that your performance during the 2008 season, marked you out as one of the very best drivers of your generation, so hence this invitation.

The BRDC was formed in 1928 and has for the last 81 years been the most exclusive Club in motor sport. Membership is only bestowed upon those that meet the exacting qualification criteria and the Rising Star Scheme was set up some ten years ago to ensure that young British and Commonwealth drivers understood about the Club and aspired to Full membership.

As a Rising Star, you are entitled to all of the benefits of a Full Member, save for voting rights. These include access to the prestigious BRDC Clubhouse at Silverstone for all meetings of the year - including the British Grand Prix - and the opportunity to entertain family and sponsors therein. There are also Club activities, track days, the Grand Prix Ball, Annual Awards Luncheon in London not to mention the unique opportunity that the Club presents to network with the great and the good of the sport.

It is in this respect that I believe that the true value of Rising Star membership exists for aspiring professional racing drivers. You will meet, through the club, a group of individuals who have unparalleled experience in the sport and the opportunity is there for you to make sure they know of you and all you aspire to.

The first step is for you to come for an interview at the Clubhouse and subject to a satisfactory performance there, you will be invited to join the scheme. There is no charge for the first year and there after Rising Stars pay the same annual subscription rate as Full Members - currently £250 per annum. Should you wish to purchase additional Clubhouse passes (in effect Silverstone season tickets with Clubhouse access to all meetings) then these are available at an additional charge, the details of which are on the attached form.

In due course, it is very much hoped that you will enjoy sufficient success in your racing to qualify for Full membership, but that is for the future! Perhaps to begin with you could indicate whether you wish to accept the offer of an interview and Emma Buxton, who oversees the Rising Stars, will fix a mutually convenient date.

Yours sincerely

Stuart Pringle
British Racing Driver's Club


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